Subject: a user experiance installing Engimail for Mozilla on NetBSD pkgsrc
To: None <>
From: Rudi Ludwig <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/25/2005 19:56:17
Hash: SHA1

Hello enigmail-team:

I wanted to take the chance to post my user experience
from getting enigmail up and running.

OS: NetBSD port: macppc  version: 3-0RC6

I already had GnuPG installed from pkgsrc an had used
mail encryption occasionally. (Sylpheed with pgpme) get the compiled source tree of mozilla as pointed
out in
I went to ../pkgsrc/www/mozilla  && make

2nd. All the steps described to take place relative to the
"mozilla/extensions" folder actually take place in:

In detail these are the following steps:

- -> noticed: make assumes the GNU-variant of the
make utility. A hint in the text on this fact could
help, though I quickly figured that gmake was meant

building the xpi package.

- -> noticed: genxpi is bash shell script: #!/bin/bash
This is another linux-ism. Bash is not generally available.
And if installed it does not go to the system folder.
Not that I couldn't fix this for me, but using sh or csh
would be more general, though I don't know what it means
for the task of the script getting along without the
syntactical sugar of bash.

3rd. Okay now I got the xpi-package. How to install it?
No hint.Went over the pull down commands of mozilla:
manage .. bookmarks ... passwords ...
Hm no plugins. used the search with the keywords:
"install xpi" Finally found on some other page of mozdev
the instruction:
- - login as root
- - start mozilla
- - use /file/open, select the xpi-package file
- - ...
Mind you, I did this yesterday, and while writing this
I looked again for the reference where I saw it the day
before, and didn't find it!
- -> a clear description what means installing an xpi file
to the user is missing.

Really. Try to forget what you know and look for it on
mozdev. At least to me this was the hardest step!

And no
is of no help. It describes where and that plugins
*are* installed. But not about the how.

Okay, enough on that. Final note:
- - the plugin works, asks for my passphrase when it needs
the private key.
- - but accessing others addressees public key, seams some
what hidden away. Either it doesn't ask when there is a unique
match or uses some other magic.
This seams rather something of the mozilla mail application
either good or bad.
More basic mail applications like e.g. Sylpheed seam to
provide a better insight of what they are really doing.
At least to me the relation between an accounts pop3
server, its pairing smtp, the username-password pair they use
(SMTP-AUTH) seam much more obvious.
I'll have to give mozilla a trial for some more time.


P.S. deleted and reinstalled a 2nd. time, to confirm.
Need to select the xpi twice, i.e. repeat the installation
process two-times, only the second time the window asking
to confirm the installation comes up. At the first attempt
after selecting the xpi-file, nothing visible happens, i.e.
you're just back at the empty mozilla browser window.

Version: GnuPG v1.4.1 (NetBSD)
Comment: Using GnuPG with Mozilla -