Subject: 3.0rc5 -> 3.0rc6, funny kernel version?
To: None <>
From: Carl Brewer <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/13/2005 11:29:17
I've just bumped my 3.0rc5 box to 3.0rc6, rebooted with the new
kernel, but I see this :

uname -a
NetBSD 3.0_RC5 NetBSD 3.0_RC5 (GENERIC) #0: 
Thu Dec  1 01:48:31 UTC 2005 

The kernel checks out ok I think, it's the right kernel :

strings /netbsd | grep RC6 | more
@(#)NetBSD 3.0_RC6 (GENERIC) #0: Fri Dec  9 09:39:00 UTC 2005
NetBSD 3.0_RC6 (GENERIC) #0: Fri Dec  9 09:39:00 UTC 2005

I was fiddling around with xen a week or so ago, but didn't have time to
finish the job, I had installed grub from pkgsrc.  Would that be trying
to boot a different kernel somehow?  I have my old kernel as /netbsd.old
There's nothing in /var/log/messages indicating a kernel choice being
made, but I guess that starts up after the kernel gets loaded anyway.

I can't see a console 'til tonight, the box is not where I am, any
suggestions for what might be going on?