Subject: Re: Booting net NetBSD 2.1 Install gives "Error 3" error.
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/11/2005 16:11:37
Well i just thought i would try moving the HDD to a different PC. So i took it to work, plugged it in and it WORKED. This makes me think that there is no problem with the data on the drive (Let me know if this assumption could be wrong). Maybe there is an issue with the BIOS not correctly reading the data on the drive or some other kind of error in reading data from the ffsv1 partition? I have downloaded a firmware upgrade for the BIOS and will try flashing it tonight after work and see if that fixes the problem.

> With these sort of problems it can be worth using hexdump -C to dump
> the
> first sector of the disk (and partitions) its contents can be
> enlightening.

There is no hexdump binary available on the boot CD i am using. I know there is a way i can do this by moving the drive to another machine that already has NetBSD installed on it and probing the drive from that, but since i managed to get it to work on another PC, my assumption is that the data on the drive is fine... 

Anyone know of any issues in the past where this sort of problem may have ocurred? It seems a little strange to me that it can at least read sector 0 of the drive and run the code there successfully, but fails with the data in the ffsv1 partition.

Any other ideas?