Subject: Re: german keyboard layout and NetBSD 1.1
To: None <,>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/07/2005 19:42:15
In article <> you wrote:
> I've a 486er Notebook with 4 MB RAM and I installed NetBSD 1.1 (A 
> installation with >= 1.5 GENERIC/TINY wasn't run.)

Yumm, ancient. 8-)

> Now I like move the keyboard layout to german layout. I don't know
> how I do it. In >= 1.5 it give wsconsctl, but the 1.1-binaries from
> NetBSD-Archive haven't wsconsctl. 
> Or, is it better, I update to >= 1.6 with self-compiled kernel? How
> can I do it over floppy drive or serial port (laplink cable)?

You will need a self-compiled kernel in any way as with 1.1 (IIRC) the 
default console driver was pc(4) while only vt(4) supported changing 
keymaps. If at all, I don't have all the sources here, and of course no 
system to check. An option that was only documented in NetBSD 1.4 is:

	# Keyboard layout configuration for pccons
	#options        GERMAN_KBD

Good luck!

(Personally, I'd recommend trying a 3.0_RC5/i386 "tiny" or "small" 
kernel/install floppy!)

 - Hubert