Subject: Re: Hi please give me answer about version 2.0 for Mac mini
To: <>
From: Andy Ruhl <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/06/2005 05:49:32
On 12/6/05, <> wrote:
> I will get one answer, why the Mac mini had to wait the version 3.0 as
> the table of "" shows
> untill now like this;
>  Mac mini (3.0)      G4(7447A)/1.25, 1.42             >3      green
>  But,I dare say,from the beginning of release 2.0,I am using the vertion
> 2.o on Macmini.It works very cleanly(except narrow lines on the
> monitor(sony 10`TFT 800x640) ).
>  Then I thought,"So, the annouce must be as the PowerBook G4; it shows
> on the table as following;PowerBook G4
> (1 GHz/867 MHz)     G4/867, 1.0           >3                 yellow
>  is untested, but should work
> (I have also this 867 MHz machine. It works also very well!)"
> Well,gentlemen,I had already done twice  this same question,but its were
> perhaps ignored because of my bloken English.Please anyone give me
> answer clealy.

Sorry, I can't tell you about 2.0, but I can tell you that those lines
on the Sony monitor are a characteristic of the monitor which you will
have with other operating systems too. It's not NetBSD's fault. I have
a 20" trinitron that has the same lines, I'm looking at it right now.