Subject: Re: [Raidframe] How to recover a degraded mirror without a
To: None <>
From: Daniel Cox <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/02/2005 14:35:02
Yes you have understood correctly.

Most of the RAID systems I have setup are mirror on 2 IDE disks.
In the few cases a disk has failed, I:
- turn the machine off (in many cases the system has frozen anyway)
- remove the old disk and put a new one in
- boot
kernel messages show which disk is being used and the missing one should =
become component0/1

>>> Matthew Braithwaite <> 2/12/05 12:16:07 >>>
> You can simply replace the failed drive (there is no need to remove it
> first).=20

When you say `replace' I am not sure whether you mean, `physically
replace', or `raidctl -F'.

The system can only accommodate two physical disks.  So I have to
remove the dead disk first, and I'd rather the system were powered off
when I did that. :-)

So I guess another way to put my question is: if I power off,
physically replace the failed disk, and restart, how will Raidframe
react to this?

I *think* what you are saying is that, whereas now I have:

  wd0d: failed
  wd1d: optimal

after restarting the machine I will have:

  component1: failed
  wd1d: optimal

and, therefore, I will be able to introduce (the new) wd0d into the
RAID without any complications.

Have I understood you correctly?