Subject: Re: Editor for C & C++ language
To: None <>
From: Alexandre Vincent <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/23/2005 22:49:40
> Working usually under kde I'm looking for something similar to the llc-wi=
> program under ms-windows - that is a development environment where you ca=
> edit your c++ program, compile it, debug it step by step, and finally run=
> in a suitable window.
> I tried the nice editor kate which allows to compile the file only. No
> debugging, no running.
> Is  there anything of the kind of llc-win32?
> Ciao
> Vittorio

Hi, I dont really know llc-win32, but for C/C++ development with a
nice (portable) yet efficient IDE, you might want to give CodeBlocks a
try... It should build on NetBSD, even if havnt tried it yet.
I would love to have it in pkgsrc though :-)

However KDevelop is a nice one too :-) if you want something more nice
looking than emacs or vim...