Subject: apache's umask
To: None <>
From: Chris Jones <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/15/2005 09:17:53
While troubleshooting a strange problem with the excellent software 
Gallery <>, I found that PHP's umask is 133 
-- in other words, it's masking out the x bit.  In my case, this causes 
problems when unzip tries to extract an archive containing 
subdirectories; it creates a directory that it doesn't have permission 
to traverse.

Anyway, I've been hunting around, trying to find where that umask is 
getting set.  There's no PHP or Apache configuration directive (as far 
as I know) that changes the default umask.  A few greps in /etc/rc.* and 
/etc/rc.d/* turn up only one instance of the umask being set, to 022. 
So what am I missing, and where is this strange umask being set?  Any 
hints would be appreciated.

I'm using NetBSD 2.0/i386, FWIW.