Subject: Problems with pkgsrc & proxy
To: None <>
From: vittorio <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/13/2005 18:10:11
I want to compile a source file under /usr/pkgsrc.
My newly installed netbsd 2.0.2 box at office is behind a proxy requiring 
userid & passwd authentication to reach the internet. With freebsd to 
download the ports I use a FETCH_ENV variable defined in make.conf with the 
two lines:

FETCH_ENV = HTTP_PROXY=http://userid:passwd@proxy.myco:8080
FETCH_ENV = FTP_PROXY=http://userid:passwd@proxy.myco:8080

Now, under netbsd I read the "man mk.conf" but it didn't seem possible to 
define anything similar; so I tried as root the following:
set env http_proxy http://userid:passwd@proxy.myco:8080
set env ftp_proxy http://userid:passwd@proxy.myco:8080

to no avail!
When I try to "make" a package under /usr/pkgsrc it is simply unable to 
download it because it doesn't go beyond the proxy.

Could you please help me.