Subject: Help - don't understand SATAN!
To: None <,>
From: Friar Tuck <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/04/2005 22:39:15
Hello all,

I'm confused.

   A friend of mine and I are trying to put together a new               
NetBSD-system, but we got stuck.  Last time I put a completely new system
together, I used papyrus.  The time before that, I chiseled it in stone.
The Internet didn't even exist.  Needless to say, times change...

  We decided to go SATAN for this system.  God just wasn't doing it for
us any more.  But correct me if I'm wrong, but "NetBSD" got rid of that
cute little devil guy for some kind of weird orange pennant -- it looks
like they stole it from a golf course, or a protestant march in Ulster
or something.

We are trying to understand the relationship between NetBSD and SATAN.
Any recommendations?  We are very confused.