Subject: Re: pkgsrc update packages?
To: Jan Danielsson <>
From: Courtney R. Spencer <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/03/2005 17:58:46
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On Mon Oct 03, 2005 at 11:43:56PM +0200, Jan Danielsson wrote:
> Hello all,
>    I'd like to write a script that automatically updates packages which
> are out of date. First part is easy, I just run "lintpkgsrc -i" to get a
> list of outdated packages, and possibly correlate it with the vuln.
> list. Then I want to run "make update" for the affected packages.
>    The only step I don't know how to do is to convert the package name
> to a pkgsrc directory. I'd like to be able to do something like this:
> $ pkglookup openttd
> /home/pkgsrc/pkgsrc/games/openttd
>    Is it even possible to write such a tool? pkgfind sometimes returns
> multiple directories, which makes it unsuitable for this purpose.
>    I do realize the danger in automating updates like this... But I'm
> know of what I'm doing. ... Hmm.. That's a lie, but I still want to do
> it -- it's not an important machine, and I'm tired of manually updating
> the packages all the time. I'd rather spend that time fixing any
> potential build problems, because they show up more rarely than new
> versions of programs/libraries.

pkgtools/pkg_chk is a solution.  You use it to build a list and
check for outdated packages.  You can automate "pkg_chk -u" which=20
would update all mismatched packages..

Courtney R. Spencer

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