Subject: Re: PPTP, anything else than poptop ?
To: None <>
From: Christos Zoulas <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/30/2005 14:42:30
In article <>,
Joel CARNAT  <> wrote:
>I'm looking at setting VPN, from Windows (XP/2K) clients to NetBSD gateway.
>Linux seems to do this via PoPToP/MPPE.
>FreeBSD seems to do this with PoPToP/MPPE.
>OpenBSD seems to do this with isakmp.
>m0n0wall seems to do this via netgraph/mpd.
>What I tried with NetBSD was net/poptop + net/mppe-lkm.
>The main issue I got was a poor network rate (<200Ko/s on a 100MBits
>link) during FTM/SMB transfer. With the help of cube@, I tried various
>things (like setting HZ, check my pptpd params, ...) but I still have
>the same problem. What really s*cks is that I can do the thing correctly
>with Linux or m0n0wall (but all my prod boxes are NetBSD and I would
>like it to remain as it ;)
>I would like to here people confirm this is a task NetBSD does (no
>should ;), and does well. Which version of NetBSD ? Which softs are used ?

Please file a PR [about the slowness].