Subject: Re: Data Corruption
To: None <>
From: Daniel Cox <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/27/2005 15:24:23
# cmp a.tgz b.tgz
a.tgz b.tgz differ: char 4067329, line 15069

Nearly every time I copy a big file I get a different checksum.
Same results with FFS1, FFS2 with and without softdep.

I have found that anything less than 10MB appears to work. Fortunately =
there are few files in /home bigger than that so there is not any corrupt =
user data.

>>> Johan A.van Zanten <> 09/27/05 12:34 PM >>>

"Daniel Cox" <> wrote:
> This command returns no error both times which suggests that the =
compression and decompression is fine and so is system memory.
> BUT: md5 a.tgz b.tgz
> Returns a different checksum for each (note: size is the same)!
> MD5 (a.tgz) =3D cff3aa516877ec55112ec671c2934afd
> MD5 (b.tgz) =3D 274d02fa6fe1db51b6b92779fbf2f8ce

 What does "cmp a.tgz b.tgz" return?