Subject: Re: atu driver?
To: Martijn van Buul <>
From: Matthew Orgass <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/22/2005 18:00:10
On 2005-09-22 wrote:
> It occurred to me that Andy Ruhl wrote in gmane.os.netbsd.general:
> > On 9/22/05, Martijn van Buul <> wrote:

> >> I used to be using an USB atu device indeed - I was using an SMC2662 V.4.
> >> However, I wasn't very happy with the performance of it, so I switched to
> >> using a Cardbus card using ral(4).
> >>
> >> However, I still have the SMC 11b nic, so if there's anything you want me
> >> to do..
> >
> > Any idea if the performance problem was related to the adapter or the driver?
> I'm not sure; it's probably a combination of both:
> 1) Reception dropped off really fast. Using the same access point, the
>    atu device had mediocre reception unless I was in the very same room as
>    the access point, compared to my current ral(4) device. To put it this way:
>    unless I was sitting almost next to the access point, it would always be a
>    bit of a gamble whether I could get a usuable connection. The ral(4)
>    device just works (TM). I don't think this is a NetBSD specific issue,
>    as I had the same problems under Windows.

  I've had the same results with SMC wireless equipment, both PCMCIA
(NetBSD and Windows ME and XP) and USB (only tried under windows).  The
stuff I have is all first revision.  Connection quality seemed equally bad
and I have seen both win ME and NetBSD get into states where they are
unable to connect even when right next to the AP.  I have also had many
 non-connection related issues under both versions windows (random system
hangs and general wireless framework and utility brokenness).  My SMC AP
recently died.  This stuff was fairly expensive when I bought it.

  The other SMC product I have is a 2202USB/ETH which works great under
NetBSD with the aue driver, but SMC doesn't have XP drivers for it.  I've
put SMC on my "never buy" list.

> > I'm mulling over getting one of these so I have a fairly complete
> > "toolbox" of usb devices which work under NetBSD.
> Well, maybe I caught the "bad specimen", but I wouldn't advise them to
> anyone.

  I've wasted lots of time and money on wireless networking (also had bad
luck with webgear).  At least stuff is cheap now, but I would highly
recommend installing wires where desired for home use if at all possible.

Matthew Orgass