Subject: Re: unattended install? - OT: Solaris JumpStart
To: '' <>
From: Schwerzmann, Stephan <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/16/2005 11:29:41
> On Fri, Sep 16, 2005 at 09:01:44AM +0200, Gilles Gravier wrote:
> |:) Jumpstart is the Solaris version of unattended install. It's
> |actually, more of a "Network Install" which can be unattended, or
> |completely interactive. That depends on how it is configured.
> ah, that's right, RedHat's one is KickStart ... knew the names were
> similar, but couldn't place it ... :)
> yeah, one of my first jobs was at a company setting up their automated
> install process for around 30 or 40 Sun workstations ... that was 5
> years ago now though ...
> |For NetBSD, I don't know... but it would indeed be nice.
> Is NetBSD able to be booted via PXE?

sorry, don't know RedHat nor NetBSD

now it gets OT (means Solaris focused)

I just wanted to point out that JumpStart from Solaris can be used 
offline too: a floppy gets prepared holding
"the data which otherwise gets manually input thru the (GUI) installer"

the behaviour of the Solaris Install CD is to probe for such a JS-floppy
and then proceed automagically: "install dialogs" which the JS-floppy
holds data for get answered automatically, "install dialogs" for which
theres no such data still come to the screen and wait for manual user 
input - this allows for a mixed mode an at will gradual transition between
manual to automated(unattended) installs even on standalone, non-networked

also some bog-plain bourne shell scripts get called off the floppy at 
various stages so that e.g. partitioning can be done with preconfigured
disklabels in dependence of the size of the physically installed HD

my (little) experience in this domain is with Solaris8/SPARC and it had 
some hiccups - I planned to use the improved Solaris9/SPARC but never 
made it to that...

all my runs where booting the CD labelled "Solaris 8 Software 1/2"
(which is not the "Solaris 8 Installation" one -this uses the so called
WebStart installation, of which I do not know anything and never have
used it...)

other than the "Solaris 8 Software 1/2" whose installer is really 
X/Motif/GUI based, the "Solaris 9 Software 1/2" is again text based,
which I find intresting because so there are almost no differences
whether the installation procasse happens thru a serial or a graphic 

just my 2 Rp.  (cents in .ch :-)