Subject: Re: seriousness of this Project
To: Zafer Aydogan <>
From: Rui Paulo <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/07/2005 17:04:03
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DISCLAIMER: I'm expression my own opinion, not the project's opinion
nor WWW team's opinion.

As some of you already know (non-developers too) the WWW team
HAS a rotation list. This means that some problems get handled faster
than other ones because some people have a less busier life than other
ones (my personal life right now allows me to reply quickly to WWW
messages, but at some point it will not be like that).

The main issue with translations is that not every developer can work
on them, as you know. So here, is the lack of man-power that creates
a problem and not the lack of "seriousness"/responsability.

NetBSD-current sources don't come with the guarantee that they will
build and run without problems. The NetBSD system is distributed
without any warranty as you probably already know, but of course we
try to do our best not to break things. Also, please note that there
developers are spread all over the world and they, of course, live in
different timezones. Let's imagine the developer commits a change
and it works fine for him/her and then he/she goes to bed :). If any
lossage is created by that set of commit(s), it will only be fixed
some hours later.

Saying that I'm alone is a bit rude for the other people working and
devoting time on this project, let me tell you.

Regarding to mirrors, the question as already been discussed before
and I thought you got the idea that it's no easy to manage all the
mirrors and ask them to keep-on-sync with the main mirror, but
apparently you didn't.

I think I don't have to remind this but, everyone is encouraged to
report problems to the WWW team.

I hope you can understand everything I just said.


		-- Rui Paulo

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