Subject: sendmail inappropriately tries to externally relay local mail
To: None <>
From: Christian Hattemer <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/01/2005 00:28:22

I have a 3.0_BETA box, installed from source dated June, 15.

Everything was fine, until lately the name "" appeared in
DNS. Since that sendmail tries to relay local mail (e.g. reports from
/etc/daily) via "". It seems the name is built from my
hostname "" by taking "localhost" and appending the hostname
minus the first part.

I haven't changed anything myself when the problem occured. Generally the
related parts should be mostly unchanged from installation.

It seems that sendmail is misconfigured and always looks for such strange
localhosts. But unless there is one everything works ok.

On a look at Google I saw a lot of descriptions of the symptoms but no
working cure. It also seems to be a game amongst DNS admins to put such a
localhost in their zones since I saw a lot of these.

So how to fix that? It's probably something that should go in the default
configuration afterwards to save others from this hassle.

TIA, please CC me on reply.

Bye, Chris