Subject: Re: phpBB and mysql
To: None <>
From: matthew sporleder <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 08/28/2005 09:09:20
How did you fix the broken table?  If you can connect with the 'mysql'
command line option, try reinstalling phpBB (after making a backup)
and then just try to import your stuff.  You may just have to recreate
the index that phpBB is expecting.

Php errors come out in the apache error log, or stdout (your browser),
by the way.

On 8/28/05, Rick Kelly <> wrote:
> Rick Kelly said:
> >I do see one error in an ISAM file:
> >wolf# myisamchk --check phpbb_search_results.MYD
> >myisamchk: error: 'phpbb_search_results.MYD' doesn't have a correct inde=
x definition. You need to recreate it before you can do a repair
> >I have no idea how to recreate it...
> I managed to fix the broken table, but phpBB just doesn't talk to the
> database anymore. Due to the lack of php log files showing why it fails
> to connect, I will probably remove everything and start fresh with some
> other forum system.
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