Subject: RE: Problems w/1.6.2 source
To: None <>
From: McLean Pickett <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 08/15/2005 14:27:49
Yeah, su and netstat do not have the setuid or setgid bit set. In fact,
I can't find a single file under /usr that is setuid/setgid. I used
config/make depend/make to build the kernel. Is it worth it to try and
recompile the kernel using the script instead?


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>Hello -
>I had a 1.6.2 box that I had deleted the src files from. I used cvs and

>checked out the netbsd-1-6 source tree, compiled a custom kernel,=20
>installed it and rebooted the box.
>It came back up with some different behavior. I can no longer SU (from=20
>ssh or console) from user accounts nor can I run netstat. I installed=20
>the GENERIC kernel and am still having the same problems.
>netstat says:
>netstat: /dev/mem: Permission denied
>I found these unexpected messages in dmesg:
>pci_mem_find: void region
>pci_mem_find: void region
>pci_mem_find: void region
>I am able to log into the console as root. Any ideas?

Verify the permissions on su and netstat.  Are they properly setuid/
setgid?  I don't recall about 1.6.2, but on newer versions if you build
with -U but don't install that way you can get exactly those symptoms.

		--Steven M. Bellovin,