Subject: Re: X and S3 Trio3D/2X
To: Jan Danielsson <>
From: Steven M. Bellovin <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 08/12/2005 19:44:47
In message <>, Jan Danielsson writes:
>   It seems that XFree86 doesn't support S3 Trio3D/2X. A quick check
>revealed that *does* support it.
>   Question: How to I install, use, and configure, and how do I
>remove XFree86?

xorg is in pkgsrc -- cd /usr/pkgsrc/meta-pkgs/xorg && make install
It will tell you you need to put X11_TYPE=xorg into /etc/mk.conf first.
You'll then need to rebuild all packages that need X11.  (Aside: I 
suspect it's possible to run with the xorg server but XFree86 
libraries, clients, etc.  I'm not that brave.)

Next, delete or rename /usr/X11R6.  If you want, you can create a 
symlink /usr/X11R6 -> /usr/pkg/xorg; I chose to fight it out the hard 
way and find hard-wired references.  The ones I know of:

	The default path
	the path to xauth used by ssh and sshd -- add

		XAuthLocation      /usr/pkg/xorg/bin/xauth

	To /etc/ssh/ssh_conf and /etc/ssh/sshd_config
	The default manpath
	The linux emulation library's font list -- see PR pkg/30690

I suspect there are a few lingering references I haven't found yet, but 
I've been running this way on three -current machines since January.  
(My issue is similar to yours -- XFree86 doesn't handle my monitor/
graphics card combination correctly.)

		--Steven M. Bellovin,