Subject: mscdlabel not working?
To: None <>
From: Geert Hendrickx <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 08/08/2005 17:10:41
I have created a multisession backup cd (containing one dump and two tar
files, written directly to the disk as three sessions) in FreeBSD, which I
now want to read under NetBSD.  So I use mscdlabel.  It recognizes the
three sessions, but doesn't associate a disklabel with them: 

track (ctl=4) at sector 232506
track (ctl=4) at sector 232056
track (ctl=4) at sector 0

Why not?  

This machine is running NetBSD 2_STABLE.  I have another machine running
NetBSD 3.0_STABLE, where the disklabel is modified: 

track (ctl=4) at sector 232506
 adding as 'a'
track (ctl=4) at sector 232056
 adding as 'b'
track (ctl=4) at sector 0
 adding as 'c'

but when I do "file -s /dev/cd0*", it recognizes all three sessions as the
same dumpfile (same date, ...) instead of one dumpfile + two tarfiles.  

Is something wrong with mscdlabel, or am I missing something?