Subject: Re: Firefox plugins
To: Scott Crumpler <>
From: antonio larripa <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 08/08/2005 01:37:19

I always run the linux emulated firefox: 
Here is my setup:
tonyex@nada #>pkg_info | grep firefox 
firefox-bin-1.0.4   Lightweight gecko-based web
browser (binary package)
firefox-bin-flash-7.0.25 Flash Player plugin for
firefox-bin-acroread5-1.0 Acrobat Reader 5 plugin for

Java plugin works as well, but I  installed it
manually, so it is not listed.

So my firefox plays flash movies. 

Reg /T

--- Mike Pelley <> wrote:

> On 7/23/05, Scott Crumpler
> <> wrote:
> >    I'm having some problems getting the flash
> plugin for firefox to
> > work.  I've installed  the firefox-bin-flash
> that's in pkgsrc but that
> > apparently does nothing with firefox itself.  Is
> there some additional
> > footwork I'm supposed to do?
> I believe the firefox-bin-flash package only works
> with the
> firefox-bin package (as opposed to the firefox
> package).  The
> firefox-bin package will install a linux binary of
> firefox which is
> compatible with the linux binary of Macromedia's
> flash plug-in.
> If you are using the firefox package compiled from
> source the flash
> plug-in won't work.
> That said, I'm not currently running firefox on my
> NetBSD machine and
> so I'm not sure I've got this right.  There appears
> to be very little
> information regarding the firefox-bin-* packages and
> the reasons why
> someone might choose the firefox-bin package over
> the firefox one.
> Mike.

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