Subject: Re: New NetBSD Guide chapter: Obtaining the sources
To: None <>
From: Rui Paulo <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 08/06/2005 14:41:25
On 2005.08.06 15:17:11 +0000, Pavel Cahyna wrote:
| On Sat, 06 Aug 2005 11:59:59 +0100, Rui Paulo wrote:
| > Hi,
| > As some of you already know, a new chapter was added to the NetBSD
| > guide to replace the old "Fetching the sources by CVS".
| > I would like, if possible, that you could read the chapter and express
| > your opinion on it since, after all, that chapter is will be mostly
| > read by new users. Typos count too!
| Thanks, I've tried what is suggested in
| And in /pub/pkgsrc/2005Q2 I found following files:
| -------r--     13705564   Mar 23 23:46   pkgsrc-2005Q1.tar.bz2
| -------r--     18861491   Mar 23 23:46   pkgsrc-2005Q1.tar.gz
| -------r--     18978843   Jul  1 20:23   pkgsrc.tar.gz
| confusing, don't you think?

That's an admins problem... I've already talked to them about it...

| Also, some of your examples assume use of csh. Wouldn't a Bourne shell be
| better? Is it a consistent policy in the guide?

Earlier in the guide, it explains users a little bit of sh/csh and csh
is the default NetBSD shell.

| Also, shouldn't the "Downloading tarballs" be listed as first? It is
| probably much faster and friendlier to the mirrors, so it should be IMHO
| preferred.

What's the point ? The information is there. I supose anyone who wants
to read that chapter will take a look at the TOC fist.

		-- Rui Paulo