Subject: problem getting BIND 9.3.1 to start
To: NetBSD, Users <>
From: Robert Cates <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 08/03/2005 20:28:54

I've just installed BIND 9.3.1 from pkgsrc, but cannot get it to start.
I've done the following but it just won't run:

1. I've got named9 and lwresd rc.d scripts in /etc/rc.d
2. I've got named=NO and named9=YES, and setup to use chrootdir in
3. I've got the path /var/chroot/named/var/run
4. I've got /etc/namedb with the named.conf file, but that's not telling me

Also, I can't find syslog (or whatever NetBSD uses) nor a BIND log file.

I'm running NetBSD/i386 2.0.2

Thanks much!