Subject: Re: vi and xterm
To: None <>
From: Mike Parson <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/30/2005 14:58:43
On Thu, Jun 30, 2005 at 09:42:08PM +0200, Petar Bogdanovic wrote:
> Steve Tremblett wrote:
>> You'll find that the vi directional keys are very pervasive in the
>> *NIX world and will work similarly in many many applications.
> And your right hand won't move around all the time. It sounds lazy
> but if you have to write a lot of text with the vi, you'll see how
> efficient & fast this is.

Fingers never have to leave the home row.  I have vi keybindings in
everything I can, screen (for copy & paste), bash, and anything else
compiled against libreadline.

Michael Parson