Subject: Re: Install problem DHCP
To: matthew sporleder <>
From: Jimmie Houchin <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/24/2005 11:09:22
matthew sporleder wrote:
> Go to a working server and tcpdump/snoop the network.  You should see
> broadcast traffic from your rtk attempting to initiate DHCP.  If you
> don't see it, check your cabling, etc, if you do see it, look for what
> part of the DHCP transaction is failing.

Cabling is fine. I also have Ubuntu installed on the same machine. It 
was from Ubuntu I posted the message.

I'm going to install FreeBSD 6 (latest snapshot) this weekend. I 
previously installed FreeBSD 5.4 successfully on this machine.
I'm also installing FreeBSD 6 on my server, as NetBSD currently isn't an 
option due to no support for the LSI MegaRaid 150-6 card.

Could I copy a configuration file from FreeBSD over to a NetBSD install?
Or is there something in my Ubuntu (Debian) setup which would benefit?

I am not knowledgable about tcpdump/snoop, I suppose it will provide 
information I can post back here?

I'll have to see if that is something on OS X.3. I have 3 Mac OS 
machines on this network.



> On 6/23/05, Jimmie Houchin <> wrote:
>>Okay, I tried again.
>>It did find my nic. It found rtk0.
>>The DLink with RealTek chipset.
>>But when it set up DHCP it failed.
>>DHCPDISCOVER found no offers.
>>I do have a DLink router for my lan.
>>All forms of linux and FreeBSD had no problem setting up DHCP.
>>I don't know why or where this fails. Oh well.
>>I didn't see any help or info in the list archives or on the DHCP page.
>>I just wanted update the group.