Subject: [New to NetBSD] USB mass-storage hotplug?
To: None <>
From: Sylvain Briole <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/23/2005 15:00:55
Hi all,

I am a new user of NetBSD, with a Debian Linux background.
I would like to know how to use USB mass-storage "hotplug" in NetBSD.

In Debian Linux Woody I was doing like this to avoid any problem:
- /etc/init.d/hotplug start
- plug in USB hard disk
- mount /dev/usb_drive /mount_point
- working with the drive
- umount /mount_point
- /etc/init.d/hotplug stop
- plug out USB hard disk

I have read USB manpages (usb(4), umass(4)) on NetBSD 2.0.2, but I did not find
out how to use "hotplug". Do I have to do anything before/after :
- plug-in?
- plug-out?
To avoid any kernel panic or something like this?

I thank you in advance,