Subject: i386 booting into RAID?
To: None <>
From: Malcolm Herbert <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/22/2005 16:14:15
I'm putting together a system with two internal disks in a mirror 
configuration and I'd like to do away with the need to have the extra 
small slice to house the kernel outside the RAID device.  From my 
understanding of how things work it should be possible to set up a 
disklabel with overlapping slices such that the bootloader can read the 
ffs filesystem from one of the slices inside the RAID slice ...

The basic layout of the disk would then be (in sectors)

0..62        wd0 disklabel
63..end      wd0b RAID slice
63..63+X     wd0b RAID label
63+X..125+X  raid0 disklabel (0-62s on raid0)
126+X..?     raid0a root ffs

I'd then define wd0a as starting at 126+X from the start of wd0 but I 
don't know X, which is the size of the RAIDlabel ... is it 63 sectors 
as the disklabel is?

Malcolm Herbert
Computer Support Officer
School of Geosciences
Monash University
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