Subject: Re: Installing NetBSD experiences and help wanted
To: Jimmie Houchin <>
From: Matthew Orgass <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/21/2005 14:57:28
On 2005-06-21 wrote:

> Now I think it would be absolutely wonderful if NetBSD could (did) offer
> the pleasant install that Ubuntu offers. It is not a "graphical"
> installer. Ncurses I believe. It does require some knowledge, but it is
> a pleasant experience. And the installer takes care of much of the work.
> Are the BSDs moving that direction? Will the BSDs ever compete with
> Linux in that arena? Is there a desire to? A nice process from pop in
> the CD to a Gnome/XFCE4 or somesuch login screen would be very sweet.

  I wish NetBSD would go the other direction.  There is really nothing you
do in an install that is never done at other times and there are very few
steps necessary to get a system that boots to single user.  Time spent on
systinst would, IMO, be better spent working on the real tools and turn
sysinst into a basic shell script or eliminate it entirely.

Matthew Orgass