Subject: Installing NetBSD experiences and help wanted
To: None <>
From: Jimmie Houchin <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/20/2005 23:58:30

I am a long-time Linux user. I've used LinuxPPC, Redhat, Debian, Gentoo 
and now Ubuntu. I like Ubuntu because it is easy to install and in 
general it just works.

That said, I am drawn to NetBSD. I like the projects goals and 
philosophies. I prefer the BSD license to the GPL. But Linux has always 
appeared to be more "current" or easy to use with regard to newer software.

I have attempted to install NetBSD a couple of times and ran into 
problems and have never successfully made it. So I've never given NetBSD 
a fair chance.

I have two machines I would like to install NetBSD on. And that actually 
is the two machines I use. Currently they have Ubuntu. But Ubuntu has 
not been as stable as I would like. (Ubuntu Breezy, the development 
version.) I am not blaming them as I know that I am running the 
development version. But the stable version had bugs and failed to 
install and run on my computer.

It took me a couple of iterations of going thru the NetBSD install 
before I got a successfull install on my desktop machine. It is just 
different enough from Linux to be somewhat confusing. The FreeBSD 
installer explained everything better. I think there is some instruction 
and help there to be used. I really didn't prefer FreeBSD, but attempted 
after the NetBSD failure. It installed easier and was successful, but 
didn't seem significantly more stable than my Ubuntu install.

desktop: DFI LanParty nF3 250Gb motherboard, Athlon64 3ghz, 1gb ram,
          32mb TNT Pro graphics card, 1 D-Link DFE-530TX nic added
          because FreeBSD (nor NetBSD) recognized my onboard nic.
Server:  RioWorks HDAMA dual Opteron, 4gb ram,
          LSI MegaRaid 150-6 raid card.

On the desktop install I could install NetBSD, but was stuck because I 
couldn't connect to the internet because it couldn't find either of my nics.

On the server, I stalled immediately because it didn't find any hard 
drives to install on. :(

I have read most of the Guide, using it step by step. I have searched 
the website and mailing lists. I have not found whatever I need to get 
me past these obstacles.

I am very unfamiliar with the NetBSD install but have successfully 
installed Gentoo Linux many, many times. Gentoo is one of the more hands 
on Linux installs, but is very good looking and well documented. I had 
no problems at all.

I would really like to give NetBSD an honest try.
Any help in getting a successful install with internet access would be 
greatly appreciated. I have no doubts I missed the information I need. 
Tips, pointers to necessary docs, anything that gets me going is 

Jimmie Houchin