Subject: Re: unprivileged account and creation of filesystem images
To: None <>
From: Jukka Salmi <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/20/2005 14:53:30
Schwerzmann, Stephan --> netbsd-users (2005-06-20 13:58:11 +0200):
> hello,
>   I'm on the hunt for an sys-administrative handling procedure
> for following scenario:
>   developers each have an account on a machine on which they 
> edit source code and compile and link it to binaries for theyr
> respective target platforms, some conventional and some embedded
>   of course the accounts are not privileged
>   when it comes to pack the binary files onto distribution media,
> the guy in charge constructs a master directory tree containing 
> all the files to be distribute and with root privileges he sets
> the uid/gids and permission bits, finally the master directory 
> tree gets packed up into a fs image of the appropriate type 
> (e.g. iso9660 ) and becomes production-ready
>   I want to get rid of the need of these accounts for root 
> privileges, but have not found a way so far...
>   I like the way of the utility mkfs.jffs2 (builds filesystems
> especially suitable for flash memory), it's option -D or 
> --devtable=FILE allows to specify a control file wherein all
> metadata for the files in the fs image can be written
>   unfortunately there seems to be no equivalent option for mkisofs
>   I'd like to hear about approaches other people (would) use - thanks
> Stephan

You probably want makefs(8) to create ISO 9660 file systems:

Maybe a "Summer of Code" project will make this happen...

BTW, you can specify uid, gid, mode etc. of files while writing file
archives using pax(1). See the `-M' option to pax.

HTH, Jukka

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