Subject: Re: Compiling netbsd-2-0-2-RELEASE and netbsd-2-0
To: None <>
From: ian <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/10/2005 15:40:50
On 10 Jun, 2005, at 14:55, Bartek Krawczyk wrote:

>  Has anyone managed to build NetBSD (and which version) from
> source on macppc?
I can't offer any advice on why it failed, but I have no problem 
building 3.0 BETA on macppc (G3 B&W 350MHz 384MB), starting from 2.0.2 
and now building on my self-built 3.0 BETA.

FWIW, I used:

   cd /usr/src
   ./build -j2 -D /space/beta -O /space/object release

and I occasionally add a -u flag to save some time if nothing huge has 

There's also the netbsd-macppc mailing list which you could also try 
posting to, as they might be more help with your problem.

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