Subject: Re: Another pkgsrc updating question (sorry!)
To: Loren M. Lang <>
From: Chavdar Ivanov <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/03/2005 15:56:57
What I do is totally unsupported and not recommended. However, it gets
the job done as fast as possible. The fact is, it rarely breaks
things, although one has to exercise one's good judgement.

In the case of Gnome 2.10 update, I would cd to the same place and
just run 'make'. It will do the nessary constituent packages with
'make install', some - or most - of which will fail because of older
version installed. I will then cd to the directory of the failed
package and run 'make replace'. In case of shared libraries present
(obviously very often) I might have to manually create soft links for
the older replaced libraries - there is rarely such a drastic shared
library change as to render the packages, dependent on that particular
shared library, from running; anyway, if this happens, 'make replace'
had created the 'pkg_tarup' of the old package in the work directory,
so I will still have the opportunity to revert to it and then decide
what to do.

I think I have done similar 'upgrades' for Gnome - up to 2.10 - and
KDE - up to 3.4 - with no major problems. I do tend to 'cvs update' my
pkgsrc tree quite often; a few days ago some package installation led
to the GTK2 library 'upgrade', which I did the same way with no
problems for the rest of Gnome2.10.

I have done a few times 'make update' and the conclusion was 'never
more' - the list of deleted packages was way too long. pkg_chk is
still something I am to try one of these days.

One other thing I do before I start operation of this sort is to run
'pkg_tarup \*' and keep the old packages - just in case. This has
saved my bacon a few times.


On 6/2/05, Loren M. Lang <> wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 02, 2005 at 03:45:58PM -0400, Eric d'Alibut wrote:
> > I have tried to follow some of the many discussions of how to update
> > packages in pkgsrc, but I have yet, afaik, to see my query discussed.
> >
> > I am in /usr/pkgsrc/meta-pkgs/gnome. I am running 'make install' to
> > move from the 2.8 vintage gnome to 2.10.
> >
> > My query:
> >
> > How can I instruct 'make' each time it asks me to 'pkg_delete' a
> > package it is about to reinstall -- which usually necessitates an '-f'
> > arg to force the delete -- to automatically do the pkg_delete, with
> > the '-f' if needed, without asking me?
> >
> > (I tried running 'make update' but that seems to delete too many
> > packages -- packages that do not need to be rebuilt for gnome 2.10.)
> Yea, I find make update dangerous and a pain if something breaks.  But
> if no problems arise during the build, it will eventually get the job
> done.  I'm currently looking at pkg_chk as an alternative.  Also saving
> a list of install packages from pkg_info or ls /var/db/pkg will help
> later just in case.
> >
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