Subject: used mbufs increasing,
To: None <>
From: Reinhold M. Roppert <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/03/2005 08:18:35

I'm using  NetBSD 2.0 on an P4 3GHz machine with 1 G Ram as an 
Sometimes there are many requests so after the networks hangs i got 
the error " mclpool limit reached; increase NMBCLUSTERS".
I increased the NMBCLUSTERS from 1024 to 16384 as described
in the netbsd-faq.

Now my question and perhaps the problem is:
The used mbufs increases during many requests but they did not 
decrease later. 
This time and over the night there are no requests, but the used 
mbufs are still over 4000. 

Is it possible to flush the mbufs without rebooting?  

Best regards
R. M. Roppert