Subject: Updating only pacakages against a packages repository?
To: None <>
From: Nuno Teixeira <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/29/2005 21:45:17
Hello to all,

It's a little bit strange to ask this because I know (I've learned) how
to build my own packages with pkgsrc and how to update pkgsrc and
packages created but I came to a doubt:

My case: I use a fast PC to build all packages I need from scratch using
pkgsrc. I use old slow PCs as client to install only packages from NFS.

My question is: How to update all packages that need to be updating with
pkg_add? I've read pkg_add and I've found "pkg_add -u" and "pkg_add -uu"
(to update dependencies as well) but I don't know how to get a list of
packages that need to be update, like "lintpkgsrc -i" against pkgsrc.

Maybe use "*" wildcard in `pkg_add -uu "*"` ?

It is possible to make check this against a NFS repository?

Sorry for my *long" question. I don't know how to say this in shorter


	Nuno Teixeira

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