Subject: Internet telephony. (In Turnette, tell a phony?)
To: None <>
From: Richard Rauch <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/23/2005 16:50:38
As usual, I'm asking here because (a) The NetBSD community is quite
knowledgable, (b) this is NetBSD related, (c) I suspect that others
have solved this already, and (d) googling for it will probably
produce 10,000 hits that don't really quite get at what I want to
do.  (^&

A year or so ago, I looked at internet telephony.  I was disappointed
that I couldn't get the only package I could find (openh23) to work.
Or, rather, on the machines I tried (maybe excepting 1), it couldn't
pick up any voice to speak of (no pun intended).  I now believe that
this is because the default audio record settings are basically of
no value; one needs to use audioctl and/or mixerctl adjustments
(often different with each different audio device, one per machine)
to get any kind of recording.

So, now I'm thinking about this again.  My interest is to both send
and receive calls, though receive-only would be adequate.  I'd rather
not pay anything above my Internet connection (which trundles along
nicely on a DSL link).  I have a static IP and my own domain; the
main person I'd like to speak to (a brother, with whom I collaborate
and consult on various topics; sometimes he helps me, sometimes I
help him) has only a dynamic IP and a WIN32 box.  (Though in practice
his "dynamic" IP tends to stay static for long periods of time; I
do not know if his provider knocks him off from time to time or just
leaves him online.  He tends to believe the latter.)

My brother lives far enough away that a local call won't handle
it (nor is it practical to meet him face to face), and my PCS phone
can run up a big bill in a hurry if I use it indiscriminately during

Ideal would be for people using commercial software/providers to
be able to call me (or perhaps even vice versa) without my paying
for a provider---since I have my own IP.  (^&  (Well, even better
would be the above, plus to be able to use an "Internet phone" to
make outgoing calls to regular phone numbers more or less anywhere
in the world at a very low rate (or perhaps even for a flat rate),
and receive such calls, so that I could consider dispensing with
my PCS phone.)

What kinds of options are there for me on NetBSD?  (Pref. on
non-i386---though if building from pkgsrc, that presumably wouldn't
be an issue.)  Is this easy and free?

What about privacy?  Do any open standards have built in encryption
(do they all?)?

  "I probably don't know what I'm talking about."