Subject: re: Why is my RAM Frying?
To: '' <>
From: Schwerzmann, Stephan <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/16/2005 11:13:22
> I'm having a very weird problem on my NetBSD servers. 
> My RAM seems to be frying.
> I know that this may not be the correct mailing list, 

  this may not be the correct quideline/helper-question 
as well, but who knows...

  these machines are 'recycled', have been in service for 
a while already - true?
  may it be the case that some electrolytic capacitors, by
bad luck some around RAM/mem.ctroler circuitry, have 'dryed 
out' so far?
  1-2 years ago PC manufacturers trapped into some lots of
el.caps with bad electrolyte filling: such caps were not or 
didnt keep "low-ESR" feature over time as specified
  this leads to unstable supply voltage in high-frequency
circuitry which usually results in crashing computers...
  If you will open your servers, check also for the el.caps:
if theyr tops are bent outward or even liquid smeared out 
(off the top or off the bottom) there's little future for 
these systems

  you did not mention where your servers are located, but
as far as I can follow they are not in an old machine room 
with recently 'improved' forced airflow... thus it might 
not be a case of zinc whiskers (this would not specifically 
attack RAM)

  I may have thougt way too far