Subject: Re: ifconfig alias in rc.conf
To: Bryan Buecking <>
From: David Shaw <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/11/2005 12:13:17
I think it would be both easier to manage and smoother (read: it would
actually work) if you just editted ifconfig.fxp0 with a.b.c.d netmask

Although it's a personal preference, it seems easier to manage that
way, and your variables don't get overwritten.

- David Shaw

On Thu, 10 Mar 2005 13:11:02 -0800, Bryan Buecking
<> wrote:
> I recently ran into a problem where I was trying to define an IP and
> aliases to an interface through rc.conf.
> ifconfig_fxp0 "inet a.b.c.d netmask 0xffffff00"
> ifconfig_fxp0 "inet e.f.g.h netmask 0xffffffff alias"
>  It seemed that each definition over wrote the last.  I've ended up
> defining the interfaces IP's through ifconfig.if, but was wondering if
> it is possible to do so through rc.conf?
> --
> Bryan Buecking

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