Subject: RMD160 cksum
To: NetBSD Users <>
From: szjungle <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/07/2005 11:28:40
Hi all,

In recent days, when I make pkgsrc packages, I always got RMD160 error.
e.g. in /usr/pkgsrc/security/openssl, after
download-vulnerability-list and cvs up -dP, I type make, it display:

# make
===> Checking for vulnerabilities in openssl-0.9.7enb1
*** Error code 1

make: stopped in /usr/pkgsrc/security/openssl

This box is running NetBSD 1.6.2, on my other NetBSD-current box, make
works, they use same cvs repository and distfile ftp.

When I check the downloaded tar balls with rmd160 command manually,
the result are same as the distinfo file's checksum.

Does anybody meet the same problem? How to deal with it?

-- Jungle