Subject: Re: uvisor and Treo 650
To: NetBSD Users <>
From: Mike Parson <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/04/2005 14:52:22
On Fri, Mar 04, 2005 at 07:28:07PM +0200, Jukka Marin wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 04, 2005 at 11:14:59AM -0600, Mike Parson wrote:
>>> Treo 650 seems to work with uvisor (NetBSD 2.0) and jpilot and friends.
>>> However, I couldn't figure out how to access the SD card on Treo from
>>> NetBSD.
>> At least with the 600, there's no direct way to do it.  Even under
>> Windows, there's a 3rd party app that you buy & load to access your treo
>> as a storage device.
> With Treo 650, the windows utilities that came with the phone (*) can
> transfer files directly to the SD card.  It does not show up as a removable
> drive, though - you have to drag and drop files to the Palm sync utility.
> So it _is_ possible - if you have the tool on the host computer.

Yeah, you can choose where the files are synced to when you install
them, (internal or SD card), but there is no 'direct' access so that the
SD card looks like a drive.

>   -jm
> *) The CDs can be mounted on NetBSD, but you can't see any files on
>    them.  No directories, no nothing.  

Huh, I've not tried to mount my Treo CD under anything other than
Windows, I'll have to give it a shot tonight.

>    You need a windows machine to access the pdf formatted Treo manual,
>    even.  (And the Adobe pdf reader for Treo is a bad joke - it can't
>    read pdf format but some special format produced by a conversion
>    utility.  So you can't just download a pdf into your Treo over
>    GPRS and view it - you need a windows machine for the conversion.
>    Pretty mobile.  Big sigh.)

Yeah, that's pretty annoying.

Michael Parson