Subject: Re: RAIDFrame Problems...
To: None <>
From: Matthias Scheler <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/03/2005 22:52:53
In article <>,
	Alex Dumitriu <> writes:
> I'm going a bit crazy trying to create a RAID 1+0 volume on a
> 2.0_STABLE i386 system.

RAID 1 via RAIDframe works rock solid for me.

> ... is that I'm not getting dropped to the debugger,

Is the system running XFree86? I ask because you won't see the kernel
debugger's prompt if the system drops into it while the X11 server
uses the console.

> As you can see, each drive is on its own channel.

So this is a motherboard with an extra secondar IDE hostadapter. What
kind of motherboard is it?

> ... but it shouldn't cause the system to hang, right?

No, it shouldn't.

> The other thing that I'm unsure about is this: Should one run fdisk -u
> on the raid volumes before labeling them?

No. MBRs are only used by the BIOS which doesn't deal with NetBSD
RAID volumes.

> ... though disklabel complains about the MBR being wrong if fdisk hasn't
> been run.

You can ignore that.

> What the heck am I missing?

Not sure. Can you please post the full output of "dmesg"?

	Kind regards

Matthias Scheler