Subject: Re: ports chkrootkit wrongly says login is INFECTED
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/01/2005 08:54:51
On Tue, 1 Mar 2005, David Maxwell wrote:

> I believe this has come up before, and was due to a bug in chkrootkit.
> It had some expectation of the behaviour of a command line utility - and
> its expectation caused a broken pipeline, which results in an incorrect
> result.

It is in the September 2004 port-i386 archives.

chkrootkit 0.44 changes indicate the problem was fixed, but it was not
according to a message on tech-pkg in December.

chkrootkit 0.45 is now available. Maybe it fixes the problem.

I have also used rootkithunter (rkhunter) several times. But I don't think
it is pkgsrc yet. (I have old patches from September.)

 Jeremy C. Reed

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