Subject: Re: Sort of off-topic, but....
To: Richard Rauch <>
From: Thomas Bieg <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 02/12/2005 18:02:31
Richard Rauch wrote:
> I've used CygWIN in the past, but they have this silly idea of a
> custom download tool which requires you to connect the (insecure)
> MonopolySoft computer to the Internet while downloading.  I'd
> rather not do that.

You should be able to fetch the cygwin distribution manually from
any of the mirror sites (see ) and
tell the installer to "Install from local directory".

Note that I didn't test this. But what I actually did may also be of

Recently i WANTED to to an online installation of cygwin, but
couldn't because the whole site (where the
installer gets it's mirror list) was dead (or at least unreachable
for me).

The installer was looking for
so I put a copy of it (from Google's cache) on my local webserver
(and router) as /cygwin/mirrors.lst and used ipf to redirect the
traffic for to it.

For the record (and to get even more on-topic :) :
I added

     rdr $int port 80 -> port 80

to /etc/ipnat.conf, where $int is the LAN interface of the router.

After that the cygwin installer happily let me chose my preferred
cygwin mirror. If you wanted to go further you could modify the
local mirrors.lst to include your own mirror or restrict the net
access to one of the given mirrors on a nearby firewall.

One more note: It should be possible to modify Win*ows' hosts file
instead of using ipfilter for the redirect.

Regards and good luck,