Subject: ffmpeg, compiling, pkgsrc,core dumps, gdb
To: None <>
From: Amadeus Stevenson <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 02/10/2005 23:19:03

I'm trying  to use ffmpeg from pgksrc (0.4.8) and am getting core
dumps from the  libavcodec  (parsing pcm audio).

I tried to modify the patches to compile with debugging symbols (so
gdb would be verbose) but have been unsuccessful.

It would be  nice if the pkgsrc entry didn't assume users didn't want
a debugging option; but after a few hours trying to modify patches 
without really knowing what I was doing I've drawn a blank.

I was told that libtool/auto* patches would be rejected by the
authors. Why shouldn't it  compile natively under netbsd?

I'll probably have to switch to linux to get this working reliably.

Has anybody else had the same problems/results?