Subject: NetBSD killed my Onboard NIC fxp0
To: None <>
From: Daniel Cox <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 02/09/2005 16:21:50
I have an Intel D865GLCL with 82801EB/ER, originally identified as 0x8086, =

NetBSD 1.6.2 showed the device as Not Configured, so I tried 1.6.2_stable f=
rom 12Jun04.
This changed the EEPROM and now the card doesn't work at all.

I found Problem Report 22120:=20

And have read all of the posts related to 'NetBSD ruined my NIC' from here:=
Including those that say 'Resolved'

I tried the idea of |=3D 0x02 in i82557.c but it didn't fix the MAC address=

This worked for someone:
using the 82562EZ/82551ER/82541ER Design Guide
But I am not sure exactly what to do, to make a kernel that will fix the pr=
oblem. Especially with the fact that this chipset is slightly different.

Any ideas?
I can't find any Intel utilities that will reprogram the EEPROM.

How can I be sure that the currently _stable versions of NetBSD won't cause=
 the same problem again on other Intel boards. Looking at CVS, it appears=
 that i82557.c still has the same code in it.
Or is there somewhere else that it would be disabled now? Exactly what vers=
ion of NetBSD would be safe.