Subject: using pax (or something else?) to backup lots of data to CD or DVD?
To: None <>
From: Carl Brewer <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/28/2004 13:51:23

I'm looking to backup considerably more than 700MB onto
some CDs and DVDs, and thought pax's -B option was
of some use, so I can create multiple tarballs and then
use mkisofs on each tarball and then burn to CD or DVD using

Using the -B option to restrict backup file sizes works,
and using -f <filename> is nice, but it prompts for
a new volume name each time it gets past the size limit.
Reading TFM for pax I can't see a way to provide either a number of
volume names, or some way to get it to automagically
create foo.1, foo.2 etc.
I'm using this at present :

pax -w -z -B 650m -x tar -f foo -w backups

(I'd use -j, but this is a 1.6.2 box, not a 2.0 box, I'll
be upgrading it very soon ...)

Does anyone have any suggestions here for how to backup
to CD or DVD in a reasonably neat and automatic/hands free
way a whole filesystem or chunk thereof?