Subject: pkgsrc upgrades huge number of packages
To: None <>
From: Robert S <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/25/2004 00:06:20
I have just started with NetBSD 2.0 - just giving it a go at the moment.

I have installed it twice and have installed a number of prebuilt binaries 
(kde, apache, courier etc).  I've also installed pkgsrc.  All is fine.

If I install a package from source (pkgsrc), many of them complain that the 
version of glib is too old.  When I uninstall or upgrade glib, it 
uninstalls/recompiles all packages dependent on it.  Last time I did this 
was on a 300MHz P2 and I gave up after four days!

I though that this might not be an issue with the release of 2.0 and the 
freeze of pkgsrc.

Is there any way around this, or are the precompiled packages just a quick 
way of getting things up and running?