Subject: newbie frustration
To: None <>
From: Zafer Aydogan <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/23/2004 15:03:56
Hej Mailing-List,

and a merry Christmas !

Here I go, again, with NetBSD...

This time I tried to install the current 2.0 Release on a machine with KDE.
Sounds easy, but not for me.

The Installation process:
I would prefer something like adding users to the system, during the
Installation process and the possibility to change the keymap, as I am using
a german Keyboard.
And what about setting the hostname? Would be nice.
And I would like to choose bash as default shell during the installation,
but this was discussed several times.... (without success).
Everything else went fine.

The first thing I wanted to do was, to install KDE to have a graphical
Interface to work, later on I'd like to add a few packages etc.

As I have a good Internet Connection, I choosed the closest NetBSD Mirror
and set the PKG_PATH Environment Variable. 
My next step was:
pkg_add -v kdebase-3.3.0.tgz

This is what I normally do and this is what did worked in 1.6 :)
But it seems, that it doesn't work in 2.0 anymore.
The machine started installing a few binary packages but after a long time
(about two hours) the installtion process broke.
A few error messages occured on my screen, like all the packages which
couldn't be installed....

Hmm.. I checked everything double and started over with the original ftp
server with the same result.

I was disappointed. 
Yes! Because even a simple KDE couldn't be installed from the packages :/

I choosed this way, because I wanted it to be done in a quite fast way,
because I know, that checking out the current pkgsrc and installing KDE
works mostly, but takes.... I don't know, a whole day to compile.
(btw. does not work at this time, because openldap is broken)

I would wish to see the possibility to install a KDE/GNOME, whatever,
directly from sysinst. during the installation. (from the CD), because not
everyone got a flatrate. 

Best wishes and a merry Christmas, Zafer.