Subject: Stuck meta key in X after running MPlayer
To: None <>
From: Magnus Eriksson <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/22/2004 09:00:26
  Well, I guess I managed to sum it up nicely in the subject line.

  I suspect this is somewhat off topic, but since I don't know exactly
where the problem lies and where to ask, I might as well ask where I'm
subscribed.  :-)

  Anyway, I switched (Windowmaker) workspaces with Alt/Meta-<number> just
as MPlayer exited and now, as far as X sees it, the key is stuck.  I tried
repeating the procedure, switching to/from X with the key up/down and all
else I could think of but nothing seems to help.  MPlayer was running with
output to DGA, if that makes a difference.  X is XFree86 4.2.0.

  Outside of X things work just fine.  And I can even switch out of X with
just Ctrl-Fn (so it is really X).

  Any known quick fixes for this?  I figured if I can't solve this, I'd
try some hacks when I get back home, like running x2x and see if I can get
a second keyboard working; don't think it'll work, but if I can at least
save what I was doing I can just restart X and move on.  Also, clues as to
what might be wrong would be most appreciated.