Subject: Re: External Drive idea
To: Schwerzmann, Stephan <>
From: Brian Rose <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/14/2004 08:27:54
Schwerzmann, Stephan wrote:

> would the idea of using the  ISO9660  fs which "every"[TM]
> OS uses for removable optical drives (aka CD,CDR,CDRW) be
> completely off-track?
> I don't know what would come in the way of using it read-write...
> Stephan, unenlighted...

I had also been directed to check out UDF, which is the filesystem used on 
DVDs. I would need to see how Windows would handle a 160GB ISO/UDF.

All I want is a simple filesystem that is efficient _and_ portable. 
Unfortunately, due to Windows' lack of filesystem support, it looks like 
FAT32 is the choice if I can't get the Mac filesystem working (Windows has 
support for this through a program called XDrive, used to give Windows 
users direct access to the iPod harddrives ). But I'm not sure what 
limitations there are for this filesystem. If anyone has any info or links, 
please post them.